Master/Junior State Track Championships and a Rally in the Valley

What a weekend! It’s a toss-up whether our team rode more laps or climbed more podium steps on Saturday and Sunday at the Master/Junior State Track Championships. Between four riders, the TCNF.LEGAL Racing Team kit saw the podium a total of fourteen times, and no team rider finished worse than 3rd in their category all … More Master/Junior State Track Championships and a Rally in the Valley

Hammer Velo Crit

Crit season is here and the triangular Hammer Velo Crit is a favorite among many local riders. This proved true among the TCNF.LEGAL Racing Team as well, with a large turnout for some high-speed racing. Kyler Ervin kicked things off strong in the 4/5’s with a podium, third place finish. A nice race for him … More Hammer Velo Crit

Earning Dessert

There was a strong turnout for TCNF.LEGAL Racing this weekend at the rescheduled Cherry Pie Road Race. With there being so many racers, and cherry pie on the line, we saw both ups and downs in the results. Bruce Connelly found himself another solid result in the Master’s race. He finished 6th in the overall, … More Earning Dessert

The Ups and Downs

Not only did this weekend feature a ton of elevation, the team’s number of successes were countered with some harsh news from a key member. Most of the weekends action took place at the Montinore Circuit race, featuring loops up the infamous Plumlee climb. Paul Bourcier and Erik Hammerquist took their legs to Washington for … More The Ups and Downs